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    Quantum Racing Short Course Announcement for 2013 Season

    Earlier this year, Quantum Racing, Inc. announced its intent to host a Short Course Series (SCS) for the upcoming 2013 season. During the course of 2012 the staff at Quantum Racing have been working hard designing a course structure and race formula for SCS that can be replicated from venue to venue to keep the racing consistent. To be successful, this effort depends on several Key Success Factors.

    Key Success Factors Are:

    1.) Investment from the Race Venue to physically build the course to Quantum Racing's specifications AND be able to staff a SCS event in ADDITION to a UTVRR event.

    2.) Potential increased investment from our current sponsor partners along with net new sponsor partners to provide the funding required for the series.

    3.) Additional investment from Quantum Racing, Inc to provide additional skilled resources to turn the intent of a SCS into a reality.

    4.) Increased Driver attendance from the community.

    To address each Key Success Factor:

    1.) There is no doubt that the race venues for UTVRR and UTV SCS are excited and have communicated to Quantum Racing that their facility would like to host a SCS. That being said, the time, money and physical ability to create the course and make the required facility modifications is limited. The investment made from the venue should reflect an exclusive Quantum Racing UTV SCS and be presented in a very professional manner. While each location can certainly live up to our expectations, it is Quantum Racing's position that a little more time is required to create a fantastic track for our community to race. Anything less than first class will not be presented.

    2.) The economy has been tough throughout 2011 and 2012. Small businesses have been hit harder than most individuals. That being said, the ability for our current sponsors partners to increase their participation could be limited. As with just about any growing business, growth presents a whole new set of challenges. Quantum Racing, Inc. has had significant interest from the Industry with additional partnership revenue forth coming for future seasons based upon a successful UTVRR review for 2013.

    3.) As a result of our successes, Quantum Racing's workload is more than One (1) or Two (2) people can handle. In 2012, Quantum Racing hired four (4) additional executives to manage and grow various Lines Of Business (LOB). These individuals provide unique skill sets that will refine the overall racing experience. Quantum Racing events will become more competitive, professional and most importantly; enjoyable. If you're not having fun, then why bother, right? We believe most of you have already seen the benefits of the additional resources. The race timing concerns were addressed, along with Tech Inspection improvements, course improvements, facility partnerships and the list goes on. Round 7 of the UTVRR Series saw the most positive reviews, across the board, of any racing round in 2012.

    4.) With a SCS and UTVRR being presented on the same day at the same location, it is critical to the success of both Series that overall Driver attendance is increased. We all enjoy racing UTVRR with 40+ drivers, making the class competition competitive and exciting. With the implementation of a SCS, we need to ensure that the driver attendance for UTVRR doesn't suffer. This is where the community can help; please spread the word that there will be a SCS coming very soon to attract new UTV racers to the series.

    5.) A SCS presents several new technical challenges that are uniquely different to a UTVRR event. With a SCS everything racers, spectators, etc...are in much closer proximity. This requires additional race control staff, EMT's, water trucks, and flawless timing/scoring. We will not present a SCS to our community that falls short of Quantum Racing's standards and more importantly you guys wouldn't appreciate it. To that end, Quantum Racing will be reviewing different technologies throughout the upcoming season to make sure that any Quantum Racing SCS meets and exceeds your expectations as a driver.

    Final Statement

    Taking everything into consideration, Quantum Racing, Inc. has decided to delay our UTV SCS until the 2014 season. To be very clear, we are not moving away from the UTV SCS intent or statement. In fact, quite the opposite. Potential partnerships have been discussed dependent upon a third positive season in 2013. Conversations and negotiations are ongoing to have an "exclusive" Quantum Racing SCS at the venue(s). Additional resources will be added to the Quantum Racing staff to grow the business further.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience as we finalize the format and formula for a successful UTV SCS.

    Team Quantum Racing.
    Quantum Racing Inc

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    Re: Quantum Racing SCS Announcment


    I was sure looking forward to a SCS for 2013.
    Guess I miss understood, I thought that it was a go from stony on the SCS for next year in conjunction with the UTVRR.

    Guess, On to Plan B.

    Good Luck on your future plans.
    3G Motorsports


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      Re: Quantum Racing SCS Announcment

      Timing a scs is easy.........................
      Drop the green and the 1st to complete the # of laps wins!
      Clark Brothers Racing #75